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Isabel Barbosa
29 Jun, 2017 - 10:00

Exercícios de inglês para treinar o Simple Present e o Simple Past

Isabel Barbosa

Exercícios de inglês para treinar o Simple Present e o Simple Past em inglês, nas formas afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa. Com soluções!

Exercícios de inglês para treinar o Simple Present e o Simple Past

A aprendizagem do inglês nunca foi tão valorizada. Basta pensarmos que a língua inglesa é presença constante na escola desde o 1.º ciclo – em alguns casos, desde o ensino pré-escolar – e é igualmente um fator de exclusão em termos de oportunidades de emprego. A pensar em todos aqueles que querem praticar, reunimos alguns exercícios de inglês para treinar a conjugação de verbos no Simple Presente no Simple Past.

Exercícios de inglês: vamos treinar?


Simple Present: verbo to be

Exercício 1 – Preencha os espaços com o verbo to be, no Simple Present, nas formas afirmativa (aff.), negativa (neg.) e interrogativa (int.):

1. They … in their bedroom. (neg.)

2. She … at the supermarket. (aff.)

3. We … nurses. (neg.)

4. … (she) your sister? (int.)

5. … (we) on the right road? (int.)

6. The dog … outside. (aff.)

7. … (you) my classmate? (int.)

8. I … so shy, that’s why I never speak in public. (aff.)

9. … (he) with her now? (int.)

10. They … upstairs. (aff.)

11. That car … blue and small. (aff.)

12. Where … (she)? (int.)

Soluções 1 – 1. They are not; 2. She is; 3. We are not; 4. Is she; 5. Are we; 6. The dog is; 7. Are you; 8. I am; 9. Is he; 10. They are; 11. That car is; 12. … is she?

Simple Present: outros verbos

Exercício 2 – Complete os espaços com as formas corretas do Simple Present:

1. Sarah (go)… to school in the morning.

2. Tom and Sonia (have)… English classes on Tuesdays.

3. Paula (study)… in the University of Lisbon.

4. I (eat)… spaghetti for dinner every evening.

5. The train (arrive)… at 9:00 a.m.

Soluções 2 – 1. goes; 2. have; 3. studies; 4. eat; 5. arrives.

Simple Present e Simple Past: verbo to be

Exercício 3 – Preencha os espaços com o Simple Present ou o Simple Past do verbo to be: am, are, is ou was, were:

1. Today the weather… great, but last week it… awful.

2. Mike and I… so happy last night!

3. Where… he last night?

4. … Sarah and Camila in town again?

5. Peter… 23 last year, so now he… 24.

6. These shirts… so expensive! The ones I saw last week… cheaper.

Soluções 3 – 1. is…was; 2. were; 3. was; 4. are; 5. was…is; 6. are… were.

Simple Past: outros verbos

Exercício 4 – Complete as frases com o Simple Past:

1. Yesterday my sister and I… (go) to the cinema. We (watch) a great film.

2. Diana usually goes to school by bus, but yesterday she… (walk) because it … (be) a beautiful day.

3. When Peter and Sandra… (arrive) at the party, they… (look) for Mimi but couldn’t find her.

4. We… (see) Sherlock Holmes last week. I… (like) it a lot, but my friends didn’t.

5. I (lose) my wallet yesterday, but thankfully a girl from my school (find) it and (give) me a call.

6. When Cris and Tom (be) children, they (have) three cats and three dogs. They (live) in a farm, so the dogs and cats (have) a lot of space to play.

Soluções 4 – 1. … went, watched; 2. … walked, was; 3. … arrived, looked; 4. … saw, liked; 5. …lost, found, gave; 6. … were, had, lived, had.

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